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If there is one quality central to this turbulent time, it is imagination. Where our perception determines our reality, our imagination dictates the limits of our perception. The well-known phrase "Open your mind" suggests expanding the boundaries of our perception, broadening the horizon of our vision. It is this process that humanity is currently in. Opening our minds.

In this, it is not just about waking up to the social ills and the nature of the intentions of those who run society, that is only the first step. It asks us to begin to realize that we live in a greater reality than the one we experience in a material sense, and that it is this greater reality that is asserting itself now, and is currently invading our earthly “cocoon” reality more and more tangibly. It asks us to open ourselves to the possibility that we are part of a greater whole that influences and directs us. Just as the cells in our body are part of a greater whole, our body, which they are controlled and influenced by, without realizing it. Not only by tangible biological, climatic and astronomical influences, but also by intangible and psychological influences of a higher order. Higher levels of consciousness that human consciousness is currently shaking up, collectively and individually.

We will find more and more in the coming years that the recognition of these higher levels of existence is the only explanation for what is really happening with all the crises in the world today. Has the world gone mad? Could it be a coincidence that so many crises are happening all over the world at the same time, or is there something bigger behind this? Can we simply blame this on mismanagement by incompetent or corrupt politicians who have suddenly all lost their way, or are they unwittingly playing an agent of change? Do they implement the destructive and polarizing measures single-handedly and voluntarily, or is their shadow side deployed by higher levels of consciousness in a large-scale, accelerated process of change? Are there shifts happening on a macro level that we cannot see through and oversee on a micro level in our material world? Are we willing to entertain the possibility that such shifts could be underway? Could it be true that a larger hand is at play and that we have ended up in a transition between eras, where many changes are taking place in a very short time?

You can very materially list all the crises going on and try to analyze them and address them pragmatically with “oldschool solutions,” but we will find more and more that that will work only to a very limited extent. There is a “system failure” going on, a collapse of a bankrupt infrastructure. The situation will increasingly call for zooming out, and contemplating the possibility that there is a metacrisis here, an overarching crisis that causes all other crises. And that requires imagination. That requires going beyond the current limits of the mind. You won’t get there with economic or climate models or statistics. You won’t solve that with an atheistic, scientific mind looking for empirical evidence. It requires an attitude of “believe first then see,” rather than “see first and then believe.” It requires exploration beyond the known and the tangible. It requires challenging yourself to the limit about what you consider possible and real. It asks the creature of habit to get off the treadmill. It requires courage to scrutinize one’s own psyche and a willingness to transcend one’s ego to move beyond entrenched beliefs that frame the current reality picture.

How big is your imagination? What does your mind imagine? How adventurous is your spirit? Do you believe in the possibility that there are causes behind circumstances at play from domains you cannot perceive and which are never named in your daily consumption of information? Do you believe in the possibility that the news outlet you use does not cover the whole picture, unconsciously presents a one-sided perspective and may even have its own guiding agenda? Do you believe in the possibility of things happening “behind the scenes”? Now what if there is another hidden level of “behind the scenes” behind those scenes? And behind that level is another hidden level of “behind the scenes”? Like in the movie “Inception,” a dream within a dream within a dream? That the apparent causes turn out not to be the causes, but consequences of deeper causes? Now what if it turns out that our own ego is blinding us and driving an illusion that we accept as reality? Now what if our total consciousness is greater than our earthly consciousness, and also has an existence far behind the scenes, separate from the ego, and that part of us has a totally different view of reality? A larger, clearer overall picture in which the different levels of reality and the many different causes behind conditions “behind the scenes” are perceived simultaneously? Can you imagine that?
With the suggestion to engage in stretching one’s own imagination it is not suggested to just believe everything, or to get bogged down in research, but to engage in an investigation within one’s self, to what extent one’s self may have erected walls in one’s own consciousness through which one may exhibit tendencies that preclude possibilities in advance. And in doing so, not staying within reason, intelligence, factual knowledge and logical ability, but feeling and experiencing consciousness. To experience the silence, space and unlimitedness within it. Not just thinking outside of the box, but stepping out of the box. And then ask yourself the question: Could there be more at play than meets the eye? And trying to feel the answer of an inner voice to the question: is this accumulation of crises global coincidence, or is there possibly something of a higher order at play? “The first step to greater realities is opening up the mind to its possibility.”

If we are to get through this accumulation of crises as humanity in a livable way, we must once again not only “wake up” to all that is wrong in the world and to possible, destructive intentions of those who lead society. We need to wake up to the possibility that there is a metacrisis going on, which even the leaders have no control over. That there are unseen, deeper causes at play behind everything that happens. In doing so, we may thoroughly scrutinize our imagination. In the research that follows the intention to expand perception, one cannot avoid considering the existence of conspiracies, it is the first material level of what happens “behind the scenes,” the first level of what happens outside our field of vision, where causes can be found that affect our lives but are not reported publicly. And, of course, all of history is riven with conspiracies. Where two or more people secretly conspire to obtain an advantage at the expense of others, a conspiracy already exists. This means that in all cases where corruption has occurred, characterized by collusion, selfishness and cooperation, there is a conspiracy. And all of history is characterized by corruption. In every country, in every era, in every area of society, there have been many conspiracies throughout history, large and small. Coups and regime changes, false flag operations, electoral fraud, abuse of positions of power, treason, political and mafia assassinations, blackmail, bribery, illegal lobbying, cronyism, cartelization, price fixing, insider abuse, accounting fraud, profiteering at the expense of the public interest, sweeping scandals and criminal acts under the rug, falsification of history, manipulation of scientific data, propaganda, cheating in sports and games of chance, the list goes on and on. All can be called conspiracies, all are characterized by collusion to maintain and obtain power. “Deceive your opponent, and deny everything.” is the motto therein.

In addition to the imagination that larger realities are at work, the imagination about what humans are capable of also plays a leading role. Many people who have not yet stretched their imaginations, who are not “awake” (and inherently: do not consider themselves to be unawake), seem to have great difficulty believing that humans are capable of the “inhuman”, cruel acts we see in the animal kingdom on an ongoing basis. That this animal consciousness could dwell in people, and be more dominant than their civilized, empathetic nature, they apparently find it hard to imagine. Like our own cat in the house, who catches and tortures mice and birds without empathy, without killing them. As a result, they find the existence of conspiracies implausible. People feast on fictional political intrigue, spy thrillers, mob practices and geopolitical chess games as entertainment, but these stories are not out of the blue. Many of these scenarios take place on a large scale in reality. It is in itself a beautiful reflection that it is difficult to imagine that human beings are capable of such practices because one does not see it reflected in one’s own nature and one has no frame of reference on it when one has not been exposed to it. But that really only implies one’s own empathy and that one has lived a protected and sheltered life. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It is a form of innocent naiveté that is commendable in itself, only it is not in line with the reality of what is happening on this planet, nor is it in line with larger realities at work. And unfortunately, this collective naivete allows these practices to continue to take place behind the scenes. If the masses were forced to shake off this naivete by irrefutable revelations exposing these practices, the world would quickly change for the better.

If there is indeed a metacrisis going on, and it is of an overarching psychological or metaphysical nature, then it may be assumed that there are multiple meta-forces at work in that interplay of forces, working against each other. Like a force trying to bring about truth and freedom, and a force trying to bring about illusion and lack of freedom. If we want to name these meta-powers without getting too metaphysical, we might label them as the collective ego and the collective non-ego. It is the ego that clings convulsively to the self-created illusion and fights for its existence. In doing so, it does not shy away from harming and narrowing the existence of others. In it, power is the instrument and the goal. The ego is forced to use deception and manipulation, of itself and others, to maintain power and maintain the illusion. In such a power play, conspiracies thus represent, as it were, the chess moves of the collective ego. They are by definition deceptive and manipulative because of their covert nature, as there is no candor about true intentions and agendas. The non-ego, on the other hand, tries to break the illusion and bring everything back to its true nature, make everything open and transparent, create space and freedom, and put responsibility where it belongs.

The key is to see this metacrisis not as an inevitable fall, but as a turning point of forced, major change. The collective ego is shaking on its foundations. Whereby everything stands to change: society, economy, science, religion and culture. This metacrisis is not an accidental downturn due to a chain of bad, political decisions. It is a process, a metaprocess. A collective transition from unconscious awareness to conscious awareness. It is a turning point that forces us to stretch our imagination to larger realities. Also important to keep in mind in this process is this fact: “It’s about the process, not the players.” When we accept that there is an non-coincidental meta-process of forced change going on, in which various meta-forces are working against each other to effect the change, it also puts into perspective the roles of the players on the main stage. It goes over their heads. It means that if not for Bill and Mark, the same roles would have been played by a John and a Peter. The players do not determine the process, the process determines the players. They are merely a reflection of the conscious and unconscious choices made by the collective. “We get the leaders we deserve”.

In that context, I want to give my praise to the W.A.P. The wappie is becoming a household name and they will be acknowledged for it in the future. It is these aWake, Anticipatory Pioneers who move with courage, tenacity and an inquiring mind on the front lines of this collective process, stretching their imaginations, and despite much opposition, keeping the attention of the collective consciousness focused on what is happening behind the scenes. It is they who are breaking open the cocoon from within. That they occasionally fly off the handle in their ideas and interpretations in the process is inevitable in such a grand process and does not diminish the importance of the movement. In a consciousness revolution, so to speak, it is better to be too paranoid than too little. It is better to stretch your imagination too far than too little. It’s quite a challenge to find the perfect middle ground between cognitive dissonance and overwrought, paranoid thinking. Finding truth in a world of illusion is not easy. We are collectively in a grand exploration toward a new, larger reality, and that begins with revealing the hidden on the material plane, the corruption and secret agendas. But it doesn’t end there. One pitfall the wappies need to guard against is not getting past the first “behind the scenes” level, the level of conspiracies. In the levels beyond that, it quickly becomes metaphysical, spiritual, multidimensional, and that is ultimately where the answers and solutions to the love, truth and freedom we intuitively seek, both individually and socially. Millions have already experienced this, and billions will, despite the agony of the collective ego and its illusions.

Reality is layered and complex, and has many different dimensions and unseen, causal relationships. What can sound totally deranged and illogical on one layer of existence becomes completely understandable when you learn what is going on in the layer behind it. I have personally experienced firsthand that there are many developments going on behind the scenes, and behind them, and behind them, and behind them. That did not make me a conspiracy theorist or a pessimist. It has made me aware and optimistic. It taught me that the deeper you look into the rabbit hole, the more becomes possible, and the more beautiful and special it becomes. That rabbit hole does not end with the conspiracies and abuses on Earth, nor does it end with what is going on there directly behind the scenes. It ends at an ineffable amount of light and love in an overarching consciousness where everything is one, which I can only call Divinity. And it is this Divinity that is ready to flood the Earth with love, truth and freedom after this metacrisis. It will definitively mark the end of this atheistic era, and also represent the end of “faith” and the beginning of “knowing.”
But first we have to go through this metacrisis together, in which the collective ego is still ferociously beating around the bush, trying to keep blinding us, and in which we are challenged to stretch our imagination. And while the end result on a collective level is, in my firm belief, positive and certain, there are many open variables at play at the moment that can create chaos in the movement toward it. These open variables are largely caused by the aforementioned naiveté, the collective clinging to the illusion, the captivity of the individual ego by the collective ego, the cognitive dissonance regarding what is happening “behind the scenes.” It is the stretching of imagination that will save humanity suffering during this metacrisis in the years to come. And after breaking down the illusion, we will find ourselves in a new space in which everything turns out to be possible and in which we will come to understand that, in the end, it was we ourselves who imposed all the limitations on ourselves, as a reflection on our perception. Imagine that.


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