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For a long time I have carried a spiritual story in my mind to write someday. This story is loosely based on many of my spiritual experiences and those of others. Initially I had the intention of publishing this in a book form, but I was ambitious and “dreaming big”. I hoped to reach, touch and inspire as many people as possible. For this reason I chose not to write a Dutch book, but to aim for the greatest reach imaginable: a hollywood film.

In 2014 I started writing the story as an English film script, a screenplay, under the title “Zeropoint”. I had a lot to learn about the rules of screenwriting, and wrote the script at my leisure, especially on the train, while traveling between home and work. In 2015, the first version was finished. However, this version was already so big that I immediately made 2 parts of it. It turned out to be 2 2-hour films.

I had the script assessed by several professional script coaches in Hollywood. In addition to constructive criticism about defects in story structure, the coaches also had positive comments (see pdf). I participated in 5 major script contests in Hollywood. Unfortunately, none of my script won any awards. The script has also been sent to a large number of production companies in Hollywood … unfortunately no response. Its economic feasibility is also quite a challenge. If I compare the cost to that of other well-known SF movies, then, especially because of the computer animations, a budget of at least $ 100 million would be needed to make a movie. For comparison, the flopped movie “Jupiter Ascending” cost $ 100 million, and brought in “only” $ 106 million. A tight profit of $ 6 million.

Nevertheless, I remain hopeful, I still have faith in it. I am aware of the imperfections of the script and have not taken the time to remodel it anymore. Too busy with other things and spiritual processes. It has been on the shelf for four years now. I actually have the hope that in a near future where spirituality has become more mainstream (5D? New Earth? 2025?), the script will fall into the lap of an inspired billionaire who dares to take on such a risky project. 🙂

In my feelings I have let go of the project, but at the same time I think it’s a shame that nothing is happening with it. All the people who proofread it were enthusiastic. That’s why I got the idea to just throw it out in the open. People may enjoy reading the script, it may inspire them. The great spiritual subjects of this time have all been incorporated into it. Multidimensionality, Matrix, 5D, ascension, aliens, christ consciousness, reptilians, etc .. but it is a script, not a book. It reads a bit more complicated, it is written in compact telegram style, everything is divided into scenes, with the elements of actions and dialogues alternating.

Would you like to read it? Feel free to download the script:

If after reading the script you are enthusiastic and by chance have a spiritual billionaire in your network, please let me know. 🙂 Thank you and bless you.


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