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5D Healing Day

Date: Sat 05 February 2022, 10:30 - 17:00 CET (CET?)
Venue: Brummen (Gelderland)
Speaking language: Dutch (Nederlands)
Registration required: YES

Do you want to increase your frequency, and would you like to get some support in this? Is your focus on the ascension process and the fifth dimension, or are you discovering what that means to you? Are you experiencing tough times due to ascension symptoms? Does your frequency fluctuate back and forth because of processes and energy changes? Do you feel that you are undergoing a lot of inner transformation and do you just want to sit back and receive for a change? Participate in the workshop, and receive healing and empowerment in a few meditations in which we coöperate with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Elohim, Earth Beings and your own Higher Self.

During this workshop day, much attention is paid to healing, frequency increase, grounding, alignment, energetic protection, anchoring of higher chakras and light bodies, contact with our higher selves, invoking many different energies and light forces, and applying methods and techniques that you can also use it at home to heal and clean your energy field yourself.

The workshop is given by us, Karin Thomas and Maxim Lazet, together. We are a twin ray couple and work from the 12th dimension. We were brought together by Spirit in 2012 and we have been giving workshops together since 2021. During our workshops, with the help of our twin ray heart connection, we set up a supporting energy field in which much healing can take place.

The day consists of 3 meditation blocks. In the first block the focus is on preparing ourselves for the energies of the day, grounding and a basic cleaning and strengthening of our energy fields. The second block is devoted to a group healing, in which, intuitively and guided by Spirit, themes are touched upon that exist within the participants and which are relevant to the status quo of their personal ascension process. In the third block, also intuitively and guided by Spirit, we will do lightwork as a group for the collective, the planet and humanity, which also brings healing to ourselves as channels.

The workshop is given at our home. Lunch will be provided by us, and after lunch we will make a short visit to a sacred site that we are guardians of, a stone’s throw from our home. The sacred site was established there in the 19th century by Archangel Michael in preparation for this special time of ascension in which we live.

(Repeaters get a 15% discount. Use the code “REPEAT2022” during registration)


Sat 05 February 2022
10:30 - 17:00 CET
€ 65


Brummen (Gelderland)


Karin Thomas & Maxim Lazet
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