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Filmscript Zeropoint

For a long time I have carried a spiritual story in my mind to write someday. This story is loosely based on many of my spiritual experiences and those of others. Initially I had the intention of publishing this in a book form, but I was ambitious and “dreaming big”. I hoped to reach, touch and inspire as many people as possible. For this reason I chose not to write a Dutch book, but to aim for the greatest reach imaginable: a hollywood film.


Frequency Raising Meditation (pdf)

I have prepared the meditation below to help you balance yourself energetically and increase your frequency. It is a turbulent time and it is going to get even more turbulent. The extent to which you stay in your center and in your balance, and not constantly resonate, react and move along with events outside yourself, has a great influence on how you get through these times. It is strongly recommended to approach this energetically, and not only to pay attention to nutrition, lifestyle, positive thinking, etc..

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