Below are invocations requesting the Higher Spiritual world to perform certain specific techniques on you, each of which contains powerful balancing, protection, cleansing or healing. For convenience, I’ve added the literal text of the invocation form I’m using myself to some of them. You can of course combine these calls, but give the techniques some time to do their job. You can invoke these techniques on a daily basis, especially with protection techniques this can be a good idea.


Aura purification of unwanted forms of consciousness

NEW: I recently (Sept 2009) written this new combined invocation (see pdf below), to free yourself from unwanted forms of consciousness in your energy field in a fast and powerful way, as far as possible at any time. If it feels good to use, always handy to have on hand! 😉 In any case, I printed it out in my wallet, so that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel in times of need, for example when I might have to deal with a less sharp and clear mind 😉 I’d say give it a try and feel the frequency difference afterwards!

Download the aura purification pdf here


Protection by Archangel Michael

Cleansing and detachment

“I call to Archangel Michael and request a removal of all improper energies from my energy field, and a disconnection of all connections with others that are not serving my highest good.”

General protection

“I call to Archangel Michael and request that a golden dome of protection be placed around me.”

Protection against negative thought forms

“I call on Archangel Michael and request that the blue flame armor be placed around me.”


Help with grounding

In addition to all known grounding techniques, you can also ask the help of Mother Earth (Lady Gaia), Pan (God of Nature) and Archangel Sandalphon for grounding. In particular, it is a good idea to structurally invite Archangel Sandalphon into your life when you are struggling to ground properly, or if you wish to receive help for a more powerful manifestation of your lightwork. Ultimately, much lightwork revolves around anchoring / grounding / grounding Light, and therefore this help can be invaluable. So not only we ourselves can become better grounded with this help, but also (light work) activities, meditations and spaces.


“I call on Archangel Sandalphon and ask for a firm grounding.”


Ethereal dirt/mukus

Ethereal dirt can also get into your energy field. Think of it as ethereal “dust” that can build up in your aura throughout the day. Master Vywamus (Higher Self of Sanat Kumara) is an expert in magnetism and can suck the etheric dirt right out of your energy field.


“I call on Master Vywamus and request a removal of all ethereal dirt in my energy field.”


Arcturian technology

The Arcturians have many options for cleaning the energy field. Below are three special shapes that you can ask the leader of the Arcturians, Lord Arcturus. The Prana Wind Machine in particular is powerful, it feels like your chakras are blown clean from the inside out, making you feel lighter immediately!

Liquid crystals

“I call to Lord Arcturus and request that the liquid crystals be injected into my energy field to deactivate all negative energies.”

Golden Cylinder

“I call to Lord Arcturus and request that the Golden Cylinder be placed around my energy field, and draw all negative energies out of my energy field.”

Prana Wind Machine

“I call on Lord Arcturus and request treatment with the Prana Wind Machine.”

I have deliberately put them in this order, as this seems like a logical order to me, and I regularly apply these three forms in this order (with a wait time between calls of at least 20 seconds).


Axional alignment

An axional alignment actually means that all your etheric bodies are put in the right place again. In other words, the axes of your different bodies (physical, etheric, astral, mental, etc ..) are being aligned. This has a balancing effect and brings you closer to yourself and in the here and now. You can ask your Higher Self or different Masters to do this for you. You can also request an axional alignment for Mother Earth.


“I call … and request an axional alignment.”


Fear Matrix Removal Program

The Fear Matrix Removal Program is a program recently created by the Ascended Masters in which they pull the fears out of you, as it were. So list your fears, create a prayer / invocation, and express it regularly! I understand that Master Djwhal Khul has a great involvement in this program, so call on him anyway, further you can turn to the Masters with whom you feel most connected.


“I call upon Master Djwhal Khul, Master …, and request that all core fear programming in my subconscious and four-body system be removed with regard to:

– my fear of …
– my fear of …
– my fear of …,

and replace it with Love! “

You can also do such an invocation for all of humanity. That is a beautiful act of service, and it increases in power when done in groups!


“I call upon God, Lord Melchizedek, the Mahatma, the entire Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy, all Archangels and all Elohim, and request and pray to remove all core fear programming in the collective consciousness of humanity regarding:

– the fear of a God as a judgmental being
– the fear of spiritual reality
– the fear of death
– the fear of self-confrontation
– the fear of opening up to Love
– the fear of the arrival of extraterrestrial life
– the fear of natural disasters
– the fear of wars
– the fear of poverty
– the fear of illness
– the fear of terrorism
– the fear of exposing the truth

and replace it with Love!

I thank you all, and I assume that it will be done the way God wants it to be. Amen!


Great Cleansing Invocation

I wrote and applied the following call in 2006, and wish to share this too. Many different types of blockages are mentioned herein, and requested to be removed from the energy field! All of this can be requested, what a gift! Do you see what special times we live in? It saves many incarnations letting go of baggage. As Joshua David Stone says: Ascension in itself is not difficult as long as you have the knowledge how to do it! “

Repeat this call every so often! Of course you can personalize or supplement the call below. Distribute the text so that as many people as possible can benefit from it!


“I call upon my Almighty I AM Presence, the Holy Spirit and the Ascended Masters Buddha, el Morya, Kuthumi, Saint Germain, Djwhal Khul, Serapis Bey, Paul the Venetian, Hilarion, Sananda, and Lady Portia as needed, as far as possible and as far as permitted:

– remove all core fear programming, negative ego programming and bad health programming from my four body system and unconscious thinking!

– remove all unwanted entities, unwanted self-created consciousness forms, gray fields, elementals, elementaries, implants, earth crystals, astral snails, mental snails and etheric snails that reside in my energy field!

– clearing away all energy of karma, group karma, racist karma, planetary karma and ancestral karma in my energy field!

– clear all “unnecessary ethereal arrows and / or bullets” from people who have sent me negative energy and anger in the past, from my organs and energy fields!

– Cutting all etheric cords attached to people who draw my energy or otherwise do not serve my highest good!

– Free my genetic line from all health problems or weaknesses!

– Cleanse, purify and free me from all health lessons caused by the bleeding through of one of my 144 soul extensions!

– Completely cleanse my 12-body system, energy fields, aura and all my chakras!

– Bathe me in color or sound resonance that I need to heal and make me more complete!

May all of this happen while I sleep, at a rate that you in your wisdom consider appropriate!
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