There are many meditation techniques, of which hundreds may be found on the internet. They all focus more or less on connecting with the inner being or the soul, emptying the mind, observing one’s own spiritual behavior, controlling the body and breathing, and direct influence on an energetic level. The latter can of course be done through visualization techniques, but also by invoking energies and allowing them to flow through the energy field. The meditations mentioned below are mainly limited to this last group and the subject of this website. In principle, the use of all the energies and techniques mentioned on the other pages, is most effective when done in meditation. When one is in a meditative state, focused inward, with as empty a mind as possible and focused on feeling and absorbing the energy, the energy has the deepest effect.

An important aspect of spiritual growth is realizing and applying the fact that you are your consciousness, and not your thoughts and feelings. You HAVE thoughts and feelings, but you ARE NOT your thoughts and feelings. They flow through you, partly from your own energy field (the ego), and partly from outside (external forces with which you resonate). The moment you do not identify with it (and therefore do not judge it), you detach yourself and you can look at it as a neutral and unattached spectator. This is the state of your spiritual development that you are growing towards, and it is good to include this awareness in your meditation. Do not identify with what is going through you and clear your mind.

One of the aspects involved in the ascension process is the merging with the higher self (or soul), and the monad (or I AM Presence). The monad consists of 144 soul parts, of which you are one. It is always a good idea, prior to powerful (group) meditations, to invite the other soul parts to participate in the meditation, if they so choose. Phrase it in this way, because they too have free will! Through this participation, your entire monad benefits from the meditation, which aids the ascension process.


Basic meditation techniques

First the basis for the meditation. To optimize a meditation as much as possible, you can use different techniques.

Basic techniques

  • placing your feet firmly on the ground or sitting in Easy Pose / Lotus position
  • connect your hands together, put them on your knees, or close them (like a fist)
  • possibly put your tongue against your upper palate (to form a closed circuit)
  • inhale and exhale through your nose
  • breathing through the abdomen
  • go inward, let go of all day-to-day worries, and clear your mind

More techniques

  • Ground, connect with the Earth (red cable or silver / gold cord from the base to the center of the Earth), and visualize how the earth energy fills your energy field through this connection
  • Verbinden met de Kosmos (of de Kosmische Zon), visualiseer een witte kabel van de kruinchakra naar de Kosmos, en visualiseer hoe wit licht via deze verbinding je energieveld vult
  • Surround yourself with a bubble, cocoon or column of white or gold Light
  • If you are too much in your head, or your energy is too much in the top of your aura, visualize this energy flowing down from your head to your heart and stomach, then center your attention there
  • Stand in your love. Visualize how you open your heart, let your love energy (in green, pink and gold colors) fill your energy field from your heart, possibly body by body. Surround and permeate your physical body (possibly give some extra attention to areas that bother you), then send it to your etheric body, then your emotional body, and feel your emotions settle, and then to your mental body, and feel your thoughts settle down
  • Centering (Unity Breath) Send love to the Earth and Cosmos (or the Great Central Sun), feel how they respond and send their love back, and notice how much this connection with above and below brings you into your strength and tranquility
  • Balancing and protection. Visualize an Octahedron of Light (Holon) around you, a pyramid and below it a pyramid upside down, sitting in the center on the ground of the pyramid facing upwards
  • Bringing unity. Visualize an energy ball flowing back and forth from your Hara point (in your abdomen) to your pineal gland (in the center of your head)
  • Reclaiming energy. Visualize a golden sphere above your head, with your name on it, and let this sphere return to this sphere like a magnet all the energy that belongs to your energy field, and is left behind with people, locations and events. When this is done, let all the energy in this sphere flow through a cord to your crown chakra into your energy field. Feel how you are completely complete again.
  • Claiming your energy field. Consciously take possession of your energy field by identifying with it. See it as part of you, you are not just your physical body, be aware of the limits of your aura. See the aura wall around you (about a meter all around you) as part of you, see how this wall is closed to all energies that do not serve your highest good. Visualize your name in your energy field, possibly many times, put it on all chakras, fill the inside of your aura wall with them. Speak your name, envisioning the energy of your name spreading into your aura and strengthening your aura wall. You can also place today’s date or “NOW” in your energy field to bring yourself into the present.
  • Remember, if you are unsure or have difficulty creating or visualizing, it is all about intention, and you can also ask for help from your Higher Self or the Masters and the Angels to assist you in applying the above techniques. You can always ask Mother Earth to help you to ground properly.
  • It is also always good to clean the space in which you are going to meditate. Good energies for this are, for example, the Violet Fire and the Platinum Grid. See more about this on the page about energy. You can also invoke protections to protect the space, such as Archangel Michael’s golden dome. See more about this on the page about techniques.
  • Another good thing to do, and not just in meditation, is to regularly (daily) ask your Higher Self to incarnate your bodies, especially your emotional body. Many people have an unconscious tendency to leave the body, and in this way it returns. This is strongly recommended by the Spirit World, especially at this time when we are in a collective acceleration of growth, and the attainment of unity within ourselves depends in part on the coming together and harmonious integration of our different bodies.


Basic energy meditation

The basic energy meditation is simply going into meditation, invoking an energy, and allowing it to flow through your energy field for a period of time. It is always advisable to apply the above basic techniques first, and ground well first. For more information about invoking energies, see the More explanation page. Even though I call it basic here, don’t underestimate its power! For example, regularly letting the Violet Fire flow through you for half an hour has a very transformative effect. Incidentally, if you want to meditate for a long time and you feel the energy decrease, you can of course do the invocation again.

Inviting the energy

  • make the call
  • the energy then usually enters the energy field via the crown within about 5 seconds
  • meditate on this energy (preferably at least 2x a day for 20 minutes, but the more, the better)
  • focus your awareness on feeling the energy and your breathing, this helps keeping the mind empty, and increases the sensitivity to the energy

Example Decree

“I call the … energy, and request that this energy now flow through my energy field.”

For many types of invocations of energies, see the page “energies”.


Combined energy meditation

It is of course fun and also effective to combine. Especially when you become more sensitive and learn to distinguish the energies, you will probably develop the need to combine and alternate. The motto is: have fun and enjoy! Do give energies some time to do their job.

I can of course mention many combinations here, but I will leave that to your imagination. Check the energies page to see what energies there are, and try it out! In addition to calling on the energies, you can of course also call on the techniques, I actually do this by default at the beginning of a meditation.

For example, a favorite combination meditation of mine is:

  1. first apply the basic techniques and ground well
  2. Stay in silence for 5 minutes to build your own spiritual energy
  3. Archangel Michael asking for a cleanse and breaking negative connections (see techniques page)
  4. a few minutes later ask Master Vywamus for a removal of all ethereal debris in my energy field
  5. a few minutes later asking Lord Arcturus for a treatment with the Prana Wind Machine to blow the chakras clean
  6. calling on the tachyon energy and turning myself into an antenna
  7. after a while, invoke the eighth ray for an extra purification
  8. after a while invoke the twelfth ray (the Christ consciousness energy)
  9. after a while any other meditations

I can tell you that all of this is beneficial to your energy field, and feels great !!!


The 12 ray meditation

This is also a combined meditation, but deserves a separate mention. Spiritual growth consists largely of the integration and balancing of various complementary aspects, which together form the perfect Divine whole, and each of which has its own specific qualities but also weaknesses. The Highest Light of God can, as it were, be broken up into different sub-colors. From transparent to white to the different colors of the rainbow (rays). These rays pass through all dimensions, but the frequency is adjusted according to the frequency that exists within a dimension. When you look at the qualities associated with the rays, you can, as it were, discover a personality spectrum and a growth process in them. Especially in the seventh ray to the twelfth ray you can see the process in which we are on Earth. From transformation and purification to the integration of our light bodies and the Feminine energy, to ultimately the embodiment of the Christ consciousness.

It is therefore a good idea to meditate on these rays. For example, you can go down all twelve rays and move to the next ray every five or ten minutes. Or from the seventh ray (the Violet Fire) to the twelfth ray (the Christ consciousness). Follow your intuition! What is also possible, of course, is to choose specific rays that represent certain qualities that you want to develop in yourself.

The 12 ray meditation

Move to the next ray after a certain amount of time (for example, 5 or 10 minutes).

  1. I call upon the energy of the first ray, and request that this energy flow through my energy field!
  2. I call upon the energy of the second ray, and request that this energy flow through my energy field!
  3. I call upon the energy of the third ray, and request that this energy flow through my energy field!
  4. I call upon the energy of the fourth ray, and request that this energy flow through my energy field!
  5. I call upon the energy of the fifth ray, and request that this energy flow through my energy field!
  6. I call upon the energy of the sixth ray, and request that this energy flow through my energy field!
  7. I call upon the energy of the seventh ray, and request that this energy flow through my energy field!
  8. I call upon the energy of the eighth ray, and request that this energy flow through my energy field!
  9. I call upon the energy of the ninth ray, and request that this energy flow through my energy field!
  10. I call upon the energy of the tenth ray, and request that this energy flow through my energy field!
  11. I call upon the energy of the eleventh ray, and request that this energy flow through my energy field!
  12. I call upon the energy of the twelfth ray, and request that this energy flow through my energy field!


The Ascension Activation Meditations

The ascension activation meditations of the I AM University certainly deserve a mention here. These meditations are very special and very powerful! They take you on a spiritual journey in which you receive many gifts and healing, are touched by many highly evolved beings of light, causing a deep transformation. What a gift! And the great thing is that no specific knowledge, skills or action is required of you, you can just let it come over you in a silent meditation! Sit back and enjoy the ride! 😉 Truly one of the most powerful ways in this time of ascension to rapidly transform your energy field and raise your frequency!

The meditations (total of 50 pieces) are available online through the shop on the website of the I AM University:

One of these many meditations I particularly want to recommend is the “The Official I AM University Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Clearing and Cleansing Ascension Activation Meditation” !!! In it, invocations are done continuously for an hour in which the Masters work with you to fully balance your aura and cleanse everything that does not belong there. A true gift from heaven !!! Do this meditation regularly and feel your frequency rising !!! So do yourself a favor and get this priceless CD for only 18 euros !!! You can also put it on your mp3 player, which will allow you to play it anytime anywhere !!!


The SECRET meditation

The Masters have confirmed the efficacy of the principles behind the currently so popular “The Secret”. The Law of Attraction (or Resonance) is one of the most important laws of nature in the cosmos. This Law states that one attracts what one sends out, and this emphasizes the importance of consciously dealing with our thoughts and feelings. What lives in us surrounds us. Where our attention goes, energy flows. We create what we focus our attention on, so the energy builds up around it, condenses it and eventually materializes. In the higher dimensions this happens immediately, in our density we have to be patient for a while.

The Masters have also expressed that you can work even more consciously on an energetic level with these principles, to manifest the reality you desire, through the following meditation:

  1. Get into meditation and perform the basic techniques.
  2. Make sure you are grounded and centered (Unity Breath). This is very important for this meditation!
  3. Visualize / create a golden sphere around you, the size of your aura.
  4. Think of the things you want to manifest in your life, speak them out in your head or out loud, and visualize how the energy of these things flow out of the cosmos and fill your aura.
  5. Feel the energy coming in and KNOW it is working, don’t sabotage it through doubts. Do this regularly, and wait in confidence for it to materialize. You can also order your subconscious mind to manifest this, and ask your Higher Self to help in this.


The Merkabah meditation

In my opinion, activating the Merkabah is one of the most important tools for rapid growth. We all have a Merkabah, a geometric lightbody and interdimensional vehicle, and activating them also strengthens and protects our energy field. It has played a very important role in my personal development. I am not going to describe the very extensive meditation here, but I wanted to mention it here. The meditation is described in Drunvalo Melchizedek’s books, “The Flower of Life I and II” (translated into English as “The geometry of creation 1 and 2”). There are several teachers in the Netherlands who give workshops in which you learn the meditation and where you will activate your Merkabah.


The Love meditation

In this meditation you do not call on external energies, but you use your own love energy to transform the relationship with yourself and with others into love. This is a very beneficial meditation, in which you actually work entirely from your own strength. It makes you realize what possibilities you actually have to transform yourself from within, using the greatest power of the universe, and which resides in your heart center: Love.

  1. Get into meditation and perform the basic techniques.
  2. Make sure you are grounded and centered (Unity Breath).
  3. Visualize how you open your heart, and let your love energy (in pink and gold colors) fill your energy field from your heart, body by body if necessary.
  4. Surround and penetrate your physical body (possibly give some extra attention to areas that bother you), then send it to your etheric body, then your emotional body, and feel your emotions settle, and then to your mental body, and feel your thoughts settle down.
  5. Feel how this unconditional love fills your entire energy field, and the warmth, acceptance and security that emanates from it.
  6. Send this unconditional, transparent (= non-intrusive) energy from your heart through all the cords you have with other people to them. Have the intention and the will for this to happen, send it, visualize it. You don’t have to know where exactly the cords are or what they look like, just know that they are there with all the people you know. See how the love energy cleans the cords just by flowing through them, and envision how it gets to the people, and then leave it to those people to receive that love. If necessary, give extra attention to the people with whom you have a difficult relationship.
  7. It may be that by sending your love to others, you get love sent back (consciously or unconsciously), so that the love experience within meditation takes on great heights. Do this regularly and watch your life become more loving, within yourself and in your social circle!


The Merge meditation

The personality we experience in this life is only a small part of who we really are. It is only one extension of our Total Multi-dimensional Self. As one grows in consciousness, one becomes more and more aware of this, and one more and more merges in consciousness with this Total Self. Within this Total Self you could say that your Higher Self (or soul) is your spiritual parent, and your Monad (or I AM Presence) is its parent again, and even closer to your Divine BEING is your Holy Spirit. You can also experience the energy of these aspects of the Total Self which you are a part of. This energy is of course very beneficial and gives a feeling of security, because it is your “Home”. There is no place like home. In your spiritual development you slowly merge with this energy and this consciousness, but you can ask for a momentary merge at any point in your evolution. The occasional fusion also speeds up the process to structural fusion, and thus your overall growth. You can do that with one of these aspects of your Total Self, or several, as in the meditation below. Your Higher aspects within your Total Self will welcome you warmly and would like you to strengthen your relationship with them in this way.

  1. Get into meditation and perform the basic techniques.
  2. Make the following call, where you can choose one of these Higher aspects, or all at the same time:

“I am calling to my Higher Self, my Monad and my Holy Spirit, and request an merge!”


The Light Bridge meditation

There is a lot of Light coming into the Earth right now, which will bring major changes to life on Earth. But help is always very welcome. Much of the work of Lightworkers is to anchor the consciousness and Light they carry within them on Earth. Much of this is done by simply “being”. In addition, this process can be stimulated by consciously requesting in meditation that Light descends into you, and flows through you into the Earth. Then you form a “light bridge”. You can do this on your own, but also especially in a group meditation, and when the participants have established a heart connection, this has extra power.

  1. Get into meditation and perform the basic techniques.
  2. Make sure you are grounded and centered (Unity Breath). This is very important for this meditation!
  3. Create a column of light around you (or together around the group)
  4. Make the following call:

“I call to the Great Central Sun (for example from the Milky Way or the Universe) and request that a pillar of light be sent and flow through me (or us) into Earth!”

Now envision how the light descends into you and flows through you into the Earth. If necessary, visualize how this Light flows to the core crystal and from there spreads to the crystal grid around the planet.
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