Wow, what special times we live in!

I feel completely inspired when I reflect on the workings of Creation and the Divine Plan for the New Earth! When we step out of our personal drama and watch the whole process from a distance, it’s hard not to see its beauty and perfection! The planetary ascension process of the Earth involves a bit more than the ascent of the Earth and life on Earth to the fifth dimension. The way I see it, it is truly a multi-universal process, moving towards a zero point moment, with our little planet as a center, as a singularity, as a multidimensional magnet that everything is moving towards, that stands to implode after which linear time and all veils to multidimensional reality cease to exist. The Maya illusion matrix that was in a veiled quarantine position will be reintroduced into a larger reality matrix, in which the laws of nature will turn our religious and scientific paradigms upside down, and in which what we now consider miracles will be considered natural phenomena. Amazing to consider that social developments on Earth played such a decisive role in this greatest process, and that, given the perfection of the Divine plan, so many variable and uncertain factors “seem” to be at play because of the free will that applies within this universe and on our planet! In the oscillatory process of the Creator’s exhalation and inhalation, we have reached the extreme regions of the exhalation on Earth – hence the degree of duality on Earth – created after the fall of Atlantis and the destruction of Maldek, and now in late 2009 the fifth-dimensional Earth is anchored and the planetary Merkaba has been restored, and since galactic consciousness has come into human realm in late 2012, we are on the way back from the inhalation to the unity, truth and love that we know so well in our unconscious memory!

I hope that we all go through these years with a joyful lightheartedness, taking in the spiritual growth that is offered to us! According to my Higher Self, the meaning of life is to heal your soul. I wish you a lot of love and wisdom, and hope that the information on this website may touch and inspire you to engage in the healing of your soul, and with conscious and active participation in this unique cosmic adventure in this special time!

Maxim Lazet
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