We live in special times. A time where the light on Earth and the collective consciousness of humanity are increasing at a rapid pace. A time where the veils between the illusory material world and the spiritual world are getting thinner. But above all a time when a lot of knowledge is released that can be used to accelerate spiritual development. The higher forces within the spirit world are currently making great efforts to make the transformation and ascension on Earth as successful as possible. But we humans also play a major role in this success. The near future will be characterized by co-creation, an intensive collaboration between humanity and the higher spiritual world, in which the New Earth will be created. It is partly up to us to anchor the Light that comes to Earth and realize this creative process. We are the hands and feet. But in order to do that well, we also need to increase our own Light, our frequency, as much as possible.

That can be done in different ways. In the first place, of course, by living life as lovingly and without judgment as possible, by living in unity with the environment, and by being of service. In addition, many techniques can be used to work very pragmatically with the cleaning of our aura, our energy field. That requires some knowledge and for many perhaps some getting used to, but it quickly pays off when taken seriously, and above all it is great fun and feels very good! One of the most powerful techniques is invoking cosmic energies, and allowing them to flow through your energy field (whether or not in meditation). Filling your energy field with energies of a higher frequency transforms your energy field and increases the frequency of your energy field, therein lies the basis. A major factor in spiritual growth, then, is simply raising our frequency or light quotient, which is also the primary measure of ascension. If you want to move to a reality in a higher vibration, your energy field will have to embody that higher vibration, in accordance with the natural law of resonance.
All creation is a great project of God, that wants to get to know and experience itself, and that project consists of one great collaboration of souls (as aspects of God) from all levels of evolution, who in full equality try to achieve unity together through continuously raising the light in themselves and support others. We are in God and God is in us, and it is up to us to rediscover our true nature. This dual physical universe into which we have descended offers great opportunities for rapid growth. The universe contains energies in abundance, all of which are controlled and directed by spiritually loving beings whom we can approach with our intention. However, because of the law of free will, we can only use these energies when we ASK for them ourselves. Armies of Masters and Angels are ready to help those who ask for it. In fact, they even ask us to ask them for help, so that together we can create as much Light as possible! They send these energies within seconds of the invocation or invocation. Invoking does require some knowledge and confidence. And this website wants to support that.

I wish you much joy and success on your spiritual path at this time of planetary ascension, and I hope that the information on this website will encourage you to call upon the help that is offered to us from the Spirit world. Souls are lining up to incarnate because of this special time on Earth, and we are fortunate to be here. Let us make good use of this!
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