Ascension process

“Wisdom is voluntary learning, karma is compulsory learning.” (quote from the spirit world)

In my experience the planetary ascension process is a certainty. But I consciously say “planetary” ascension, because that is what is happening in the first place, the consciousness of planet Earth is rising into a higher dimension. However, what this means for all souls incarnate at the moment of ascension depends on their free will, their individual and the collective level of consciousness at the time. There is a tremendous rise in frequency going on in this process that involves a lot of transformation. Change is a constant in the universe, but during this period, extremely many changes occur in a short period of time, which pose a significant challenge to our world view.

Meanwhile, due to advancing developments around the ascension process, and advancing insight from me into the ascension process, I assume that the process covers a large period, which will continue far beyond 2012, and even in 2011 a new 7-year transformation will begin, all the way until 2018. The way I see it is that once all “2012” scenarios, including the so-called doomsday scenarios, had a theoretical possibility to become reality because of free will. But over the past 50 years, and especially the last ten years, so much light has come to Earth that all negative scenarios can no longer be grounded and have become obsolete. Thus, many of the symptoms of the ascension process seem to have alleviated, and as more and more Light comes to Earth, the possibilities and probabilities will become more and more positive and optimistic, and the symptoms will ease further. Of course, the transformations in democratization, economics, religion, science and climate will continue, but perhaps in a reasonably viable way that does not have to disrupt the functioning of the global society, as the fear scenarios saw happen. In addition, a new higher mental consciousness is emerging on Earth, aligned with the Heart, which will rapidly introduce new constructive technologies that will also have a supporting role in the time to come, as information technology has done to date. .

In my opinion, the return of Niburu that is so much to do is by no means a negative thing, but a positive movement that is necessary in the context of unification and internalization on galactic levels. And the progress of our individual evolutionary process depends on it, because of the reflection in micro and macro cosmos, and the isometric nature of creation. Incidentally, this “Niburu return” is exclusively ethereal, not physical. For a long time on Earth as I understand it, we could not get beyond 8-dimensional consciousness because we then ran into bottlenecks at the galactic level, but the ongoing ascension process that concerns not only Earth, but the entire universal Matrix, clears this path whereby we can move towards 13 dimensional consciousness, really beyond the duality (which is still there to some degree in the fifth dimension), in which we can realize the embodiment of our monad, our god-spark. Perhaps you can discover a logical system in the mechanism of the ascension process that is based on the unification of 12 elements. 12 years (2000-2012), 12 dimensions, 12 planets, 12 constellations, 12 rays, 12 archetypes, 12 aspects within the Higher Self, 12 knights of the round table, 12 apostles, 12 chakras, 12 dna strands, 12 elohim, 12 crystal skulls, 12 Egyptian temples, 12 grandmothers and fathers. Add the 13th element that covers and binds the 12 together, and unity is created. And on the microcosm level (DNA) this creates the possibility of Christ consciousness, as an integrated consciousness of the 12 elements. And would it be a coincidence that for some reason in history by the ruling powers the number 13 has been labeled an unlucky number? It is actually the lucky number, the liberating number. The 13 is like the fifth element of ether, bringing the zero point within reach, and breaking open our Maya illusion matrix.

What I feel is even more important than the way we look at the entire ascension process is the actual acceptance of the spiritual reality. For our acceptance of that determines how we will deal with this ascension, and to what extent we will make good use of the time leading up to the ascension. When we truly realize and accept that we are immortal souls, our present life is just one incarnation that we are now experiencing, this takes only a second of our total existence, our earthly personality is not who we really are, our true home is not here , and life without a physical body is a lot easier, it puts a lot of things in perspective. Then people realize that in the end every end result is okay. Simply put, one takes what one can take in growth, and after the ascension one continues where one left off. This principle applies to everyone, regardless of his or her development. It is important, however, to yield the flexibility and acceptance of the changes in the necessary transition period in which the old is cleared. The more detached we deal with these developments around the ascension, the easier it will be for us. The more we stand together in our love and acceptance, the less these changes will disturb us. The developments surrounding the ascension process will make the existence of spiritual reality more and more tangible. In the context of the transformation, hidden social truths will emerge, more and more lightworkers will step out of the shadows, and clairvoyance and other clear powers will become increasingly common. In addition, the climate will also become a bit more turbulent, as part of the cleaning that the Earth is going through.

When one truly accepts the spiritual reality, in which God is not something outside of ourselves, but All that IS, and we are therefore also part of it, then one can perhaps also look differently at the universe. The universe is not an empty, lifeless, meaningless space as sometimes claimed in the materialistic vision of Earth, but a multidimensional arena, bursting with life, interconnected in love and unity, in all possible shapes and colors, where we can hardly imagine us at the moment. Even our solar system is filled with life, including the neighboring planets, just not at the frequency that we can perceive.

Our soul has consciously chosen to incarnate at this time, knowing of the ongoing ascension process, which will continue after 2012. However this may unfold for each individual, this time holds tremendous growth promise. How one goes through this period / incarnation is of course everyone’s own choice. There are those who have now fully embraced the reality of the impending ascension, and they are very proactive in exploring areas where they can all grow as quickly as possible. But there are also people who embrace this reality, and then choose to sit on the couch with their arms folded, and say: I can see it. Although there is no judgment whatsoever about our choices, and in our total eternal existence there are actually no mistakes and no haste, it is of course a shame if one does not take advantage of the growth opportunities of this time.

Spiritual growth is something that occurs every moment of the day. It is about always being aware of what is going on in consciousness, and with love and willpower making sure that your consciousness remains focused on the higher self, not the lower self.

The following things contribute to spiritual growth:

  • accept spiritual reality
  • letting go of the fear of death
  • vigilance (conscious living)
  • be loving
  • be truthful / honest (especially to yourself)
  • live without judgment
  • embrace the law of unity
  • embrace the law of unity
  • servitude
  • mental constructive attitude
  • continuous self-examination
  • pursue equanimity
  • focus on transcending the negative ego
  • not show victim behavior and take responsibility
  • universal, ecclectic attitude (learn from everything, limit yourself to nothing)
  • meditation
  • cleansing the energy field

By incorporating the above attitudes into your life, you increase your light quotient on the way to ascension. Merging with your Higher Self (or soul) and your monad (or God’s Spark or I AM Presence) is part of this ascension process.

This website focuses mainly on the bottom point, the cleansing of the energy field. As one becomes more aware of and engages in the energy system, one discovers how much change one can bring about by directly working with oneself at the energy level. Possibly with the help of other people, and, highly recommended, with the help of the Spirit world. It is not without reason that it was usually the mystics in history who managed to reach enlightenment, because they were very efficiently engaged in the transformation of their own energy field, usually with the help of the spiritual world with which they were in contact, in a way that was stripped of religious dogma, superstition, and especially judgment. Almost as if you were your own physics project. I say this such a dry manner to make a point, but of course the experience and approach is absolutely not dry. For as you purify yourself and let go of old baggage, the love experience, the wonder and gratitude for creation, and the sense of oneness grows.
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