After 2012

So, we are past 2012, where are we now?

It has been my experience that we are still very much in inner transformation processes. 2012 was an important milestone and has brought the potential of galactic consciousness back within human reach, but the collective ascension process continues. The 5D Earth has made the necessary anchoring, but it will take many years to actually fully descend. The timelines of the 3D Earth and the 5D Earth have merged, as a result of which the 5D Earth, as it were, pulls the 3D Earth “up” with it. Before the presence of the 5D Earth has actually translated into a 5D society, much still needs to be done, on an inner plane and of course also on an outer plane. 2013 was all about the full grounding of the inner child, so that the triangular consciousness of inner union of man, woman and child within ourselves could be realized, so that embodiment of 9-dimensional consciousness becomes possible. That was necessary again for 2014, in which the 4th dimension is transformed and, as it were, transformed, to create a free passage to the fifth dimension.

Although change and evolution never stop, of course, the real completion of the so-called ascension process in my view lies in the grounding of the 13th dimension. This removes the duality of the first 12 dimensions. It is not clear to me exactly what year this will take place. It is essentially the way of man transforming from carbon into diamond. The attainment of Christ consciousness is nothing more than the crystallization of consciousness. Within the crystalline consciousness there is also a long path of evolution, which leads to the most pure (and hard) crystal, the diamond, the diamond consciousness. The diamond energy, which is very current now, is an energy that is truly non-dual, carries Divine Truth within, and spans and binds the 12 ray rainbow system together. The diamond energy is also at the core of the Earth, always untouchable, regardless of the duality on the surface. The diamond consciousness is now also seeping into those people who are ready to embody it. And when there is sufficient collective embodiment of diamond consciousness in the collective human consciousness field, there will be sufficient bedding for a new wave of souls incarnating, avatar souls, who no longer carry duality in their entirety. When these children incarnate on a large scale, the transformation and change of course towards a non-dual society will be very rapid. All in all, within one generation, the Earth will change into Heaven on Earth, I am sure of it.

Many lightworkers are currently in doubt about their manifestation, how and when. Feeling more and more resistance to the old system, and at the same time having insufficient clarity about how to manifest in it in a way that feels correct, is effective and creates sufficient abundance. And at the same time, the grounding that has so increased in all of us that we are more human than ever makes the star people among us too. The grounding that is so badly needed to stand firmly and in balance on Earth, and to participate in social intercourse. On an individual level, we have now transformed many of the 3D and 4D frequencies within ourselves, but it is not finished yet. You could say that we are in an intermediate phase where Divine truth is grounding what was not possible before 2013, and in which we are reconnected with our higher being, our soul and I AM THAT I AM. Only then will our identity, our blueprint for this incarnation and our inner communication become clear and pure, and we will be fully absorbed into the universal love field, which are actually conditions for truly pure creation. And only then do the question marks disappear, the space arises for throbbing, passionate creation that we so long for, without unconscious and external sabotaging forces being able to throw a spanner in the works.
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